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02 January 2014 @ 07:03 pm

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30 August 2008 @ 10:44 pm

I've got some random things to rant about...as usual. haha.

-I just found out Midnight Sun isn't going to be published. I was so fricken pissed off! Why smeyer, why?! Well atleast she posted a draft of it on her website, but still it's just not the same. Grr.

-School starts in 4 days. Summer flew by way too fast. =(

-I had a weird Twilight dream, yet again. Usually in the dreams I am Bella, but I was myself in this one. I guess the Cullens were turning everyone into vampires. I got turned, and then I had to adjust to all the vampire ways of life (like not eating, going to the bathroom, sleeping,etc)  I guess I really had to pee while I was asleep and in the dream I was freaking out because I felt like I needed to pee...when in fact I wasn't able to lol. Then we were all chewing food and then spitting it out, so I asked why we couldn't just eat it. Then Esme explained that you can, it just hurts. So I guess I opted not to eat lol. My brother got turned into a vampire and he is autistic so i guess he was not autistic when he got turned, or atleast a lot better. Well anyways, the part of the dream that stuck out to me the most was when I was walking down a road with Edward. I guess we were going to somebody's house and I just moved myself in front of him to block him from moving and I started to unbutton his shirt (lulz). So he started saying "I can't, I am in love with Bella, not you." So then I said "But she's changed since she transformed, you admitted so yourself. You don't like the new Bella." I guess he agreed, and then started talking about how it would be wrong for us to be together because we were brother and sister, since Carlisle bit both of us, or something like that. then I said "Well, Emmett and Rosalie are brother and sister then, and they are married. how is that wrong for us if they have that?" So he was like "True, but I can't." Then i was like "Please Rob, please!" (lmao..) So yeah, I have sketchbag dreams.

-Yeah, here's a meme =]
Comment this post with a TOP FIVE of anything (favorite couples, songs I'm currently obsessed with, etc.) you'd like to see me post about and I'll include them in my next entries with pictures and an explanation.

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19 August 2007 @ 07:17 pm

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03 August 2007 @ 09:53 pm
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Translatable for both PSP and PS!

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25 July 2007 @ 03:05 pm
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19 July 2007 @ 06:29 pm
Some Textures for you to download.


19 July 2007 @ 06:15 pm
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01 July 2007 @ 07:04 pm
How to go from
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25 May 2007 @ 06:01 pm


                   That's right! I'm making my blog friends only. Add me if you want to be my friend!

10 May 2007 @ 07:54 pm
Here are some freebies please credit if you use them! these are NOT bases!